Assemblage crafted with grapes from Las Mulas vineyards in Uco Valley. 50 % Syrah; 30 % Malbec and 20 % Cabernet Sauvignon from a high altitude exceptionally vineyard. Altitude 3,996 feet to 4,329 feet.


Tasting Notes: Deep ruby red with bluish tinges with aromas of plum and blackberry. 

The wine coats the mouth with lovely mature berries and lushy fig marmalade wrapped in exotic spice; chocolate and vanilla notes. Balance and elegance shine through.

Wine Maker: Gabriela Celeste – Eno Rolland enologist + Roberto Simonetto.
Fermenting temperature: Between 25 a 29°C in concrete tanks. 14 days alcoholic fermentation.
Maceration time: 32 days.



Alcohol: 15.1% by vol
Ageing in barrel: 18 months in French and American oak barrels
Acidity: 5.55 g/l
Sugar: 2.1 g/l
Vintage: 5.235 bottles